Dr. Theerawit

Poultry Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Theerawit Poeikhampha has the Ph.D.'s degree from 
Department of Animal Science, Kasetsart University and his 
research is a multi-disciplinary strategy to research, develop 
and optimize on the animal nutrition technologies. The recent 
projects have included feed ingredients and feed additives, 
exogenous enzyme and enzyme's matrix calculation, amino 
acid metabolism and cell function, micronutrients in drinking 
water, feed formulation and feed manufacturing technology 
for increase the productivity of farm animal, especially in the 
tropical condition.

Dr. Chatcharee

Poultry Veterinary Specialist

Graduated her bachelor’s degree at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,  majored in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2004.                                                      

2004-2008 Technical Manager in Mittraphap Pokaphand Co.,Ltd

2008-2012 Technical Sale Support in MSD Animal Health Co.,Ltd

2012-2016 Product Manager in Betagro Co., Ltd

From 2016 to the present is the Poultry Veterinary consultant of Numega

Mr Jan Togtema

Netherlands's Animal specialist of Numega

Jan Togtema, a Netherlands's Animal specialist,  has been more than 30 years practical veterinarian and agronomist. Over the years he has specialized in animal production and increasingly focused on the Herd HealthManagement of middle size and large farms.
In addition to his veterinary practice he also acts as an international consultant in farmmanagement of dairy- , pig - and beef cattle farming. He is specialized to analyse data of production and animal health data of mainly pig farming but also of beef cattle and dairy farms.

Mr Bin Lee

China Marketing Manager

He is reliability personified:As Sales Manager China,Mr Lee Bin is responsible for contact to and relations with customers in China and neighbouring countries.He holds a Master of animal nutrition from the South China Agricultural University,Guangzhou China and has a long-standing working experience in the field of Sales,Marketing and feed and feed additives with intercultural communications.

Mr. Bùi Anh Tuấn

Vietnam Marketing Manager

Experienced nearly 20 years in business management for multinational corporations such as Pepsi cola
and leading consumer goods companies in Vietnam such as Masan, Asia food ...
in the competitive agricultural market on Fierce competition, consumer demand for food safety, farm pressure on control and cost reduction,
so farms need to find products and processes that meet these requirements.
With my experience, I would like to build a professional system to bring the best products and services to customer.


Dr. Sajjad Ali

Poultry Nutrition Specialist, Technical consultant of Numega

working for K&N’S Poultry Farms, Pakistan for over 20 years as technical manager and focus on GP farm, layers and broilers production and was professional in poultry disease prevent and treatment, the high effective way to improve layers, broiler performance.
Lead main projects were poulty production, veterinary medicine and meat quality development.


Dr. Guillaumy Degoulen

Swine Nutrition Specialist and CTO of Numega

working in Department of Animal Science and Food -Faculty of Veterinary, UAB, Spain for over 20 years and main research projects were alternatives to antibiotics, intestine health research and meat quality development.
Feed formula consultant for some feed factories in Europe and Professional in feed QC, Swine and poultry feed formula.

Dr.Kasen Zhai

Director of Numega Nutrition Company

 Major in Animal Nutrition, especially in Swine nutrition. Study and research “Low protein pig diet to protect environment”, “alternatives to antibiotics ”projects when study the Ph.D in UAB, Spain. Did transgene pigs to make full use of nutrients by using enzyme gene when doing master in SCAU, China. 
I will be honored when you choose NUMEGA as one of your treatment partners. However, I need to return the compliment and say it has been an absolute delight to work with such a talented team from Numega.
We have had fun in class as well as learned about how quantitative reasoning can help us comprehend and influence the modern world.
“In God we trust, we steadfastly struggle for the sustainable development of the animal husbandry”