Numega Singapore 2019 Annual Meeting

In order to summarize the past and create a better future together. Singapore Numega company held the annual meeting in Da Nang city, Vietnam from Jan 11th to 14th 2020. At that time, colleagues and partners from China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries had participated in this event. 

In the morning of Jan 12th, Numega held the logistic office meeting. Colleagues from different departments had summarized the work report 2019, and the plan for the next year. Everyone was more aware of their job duty, and had a better understood the company’s development.

In the afternoon, the technical exchanges and training sessions were held. The training start with the topic “How to be a great Sales Manager”, from marketing manager Mr Phon, which not only improves our sales skills, but also enables us to have a deeper understanding of products. For the technical training part, Dr.Theerawit also from Thailand and he had explained us “Effect of NTPB supplementation in diet on Metabolizable Energy” and “Grow performance and carcass quality of broiler chickens” And Ms. Thoa from Vietnam, she had presented to us “Effect of Megacid-F on ASF Virus after incubate at different time”. All of it give us a better understanding of the characteristics and efficacy of the product.

Finally, general manager Dr. Kasen had made a summary of 2019 and market plan for 2020. Dr Kasen said: “The pains and painstaking efforts behind everyone’s back, in exchanged for zero complaints from customers”. Then we should keep our enthusiasm for work, keep learning, and work hard. Everyone grows together with Numega and make Numega reach to another peak. 

After that, in order to thank everyone for their contributions to the company, Numega had specially awarded two awards, which were gold medal and silver medal. It was to thanks employees for their five and three years of contribution to the company. In order to thank all colleagues for their hard work in 2019 and cherish the time to gather together, Numega arranged the most anticipated cocktail party at the evening and set up the trip to Ba Na hill. Everyone was enjoyable with charming lights and wine and delicious food, and dream for a bright future together.


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