NUMEGA is an international company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of green, safe and healthy feed and feed additives. Aims to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the animal husbandry industry and strict value standards, and adhere to the “sustainable development” strategy of green, safety and health. NUMEGA has established complete R&D, production and sales in Spain, the United States, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The network has completed the scientific industrial layout. The company has obtained four global invention patents, which has obtained ISO9001, FDA and FAMIQS certifications, and has followed the HACCP food safety assurance system. “Megacid F” and “NTPB”, as the company’s star products, play an important role in replacing antibiotics and promoting the healthy growth of livestock.

The headquarters of NUMEGA is located in Singapore, known as the “Garden City”. Currently, NUMEGA has branches in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. The company continues to develop the international market, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Asia and Latin America.

Green, safety, and health are the fundamental guarantees for the company’s reputation and recognition. In order to ensure product safety, the factory is a fully automatic system that can adjust all processes to ensure the highest level of linear precision ingredients. In this way, we avoid cross-contamination and provide full traceability of our products.

NUMEGA has established R&D centers in Spain, the United States, Thailand, and China. The R&D center has three teams for experimentation, sampling, and intellectual property protection. The company currently has established long-term strategic R&D cooperation with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in Spain, the University of Arkansas in the United States, the University of Kansas in Thailand, and the South China Agricultural University in China. Research topics such as “Alternatives to antibiotics research and selection” “Improve meat quality and extend the shelf life after frozen by new technology” “Low protein technology to reduce feed cost in swine and poultry” “Research on how to make clean feed” and the company’s products use experimental data for growth performance research on poultry.

The company adheres to the entrepreneurial philosophy of “sustainable development” and continuously strengthens the research and development of safe and green feed additives. To promote the healthy development of breeding industry, ensure food safety, and make due efforts and contributions to the sustainable development of animal husbandry.

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