Our Company

Numega Nutrition is a technology company specializing in the research, development, manufacturing and sales of food and feed additives. The company is headquartered in Singapore. So far, the company has branches in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. It has established strong relationships and cooperation with large integrated companies from all over the world. Adhering to the pioneering concept of “sustainable development”, the company has carried out in-depth cooperation and exchanges with world-renowned universities in feed safety, animal welfare and animal health. At present, the company has obtained product patents, trademarks and related sales certificates in the European Union, the United States, Brazil and China.

Ethics, responsibility and sustainability are the basic principles of company development. Say goodbye to antibiotics and back to nature are the ultimate goal of the company’s sustainable development. We have been making unremitting efforts to contribute to the sustainable development of animal husbandry and provide professional system solutions for healthy breeding. We will continue to strengthen the close cooperation between our partners and universities and will continue to strengthen the development and research of safe and environmentally friendly products (substitutes for antibiotics) to provide animals with a healthy environment and clean food.

Our People

Consultant Team

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Dr.Kasen Zhai

Mr Jan Togtema

Dr. Guillaumy Degoulen

Dr. Theerawit

Dr. Chatcharee

Dr. Sajjad Ali

Marketing Team

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Mr. Phon Songsiritanaphat

Mr. Bùi Anh Tuấn

Mr. Bagus Rachman Hidayat